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Subject: [Boost-build] Boost-1.36.0 FreeBSD patches for review
From: Alexander Sack (pisymbol_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-10-23 22:46:58

I've attached three patches which allows me to build boost-1.36.0
natively. I need to run regression test suite which means I need to
enable python support. Will try to do that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I would like comments on the following three patches:

- execution_monitor.ipp.patch

I've ifdef'ed out the SIGNAL codes depending on the FreeBSD release as
well as define SIGPOLL as SIGIO (FreeBSD 7 and above fixes this). I
made it several defines since different platforms might have some
support but not all (wasn't sure, I was gong for maximum flexibility
without being too #ifdef happy).

- gcc.jam.patch

The gcc toolset is set with a LD_LIBRARY_PATH without /lib. This is
counter-intuitive to what all *NIXes use (/lib is the default). With
/lib you run the risk of picking up the wrong default library. As the
comment already states bjam doesn't doesn't provide a clean way to do
this but rather relies on rtld to do the *right* thing. I suppose
this could be a FreeBSD only change but I think this should be
considered for all platforms that use gcc (/lib should be in your
LD_LIBRARY_PATH, let gcc/rtld figure out the rest). I guess my only
concern is does this break cross-compilation on a Linux machine? (I
don't think it will).

- Jamfile.v2.regex.patch

I started a thread about this but I feel ICU_PATH should be honored in
build even if its /usr/local etc. I figured I would include the patch
in this thread since I'm trying to centralize my changes.

Thanks and comments most welcomed! I want to get this right for
FreeBSD (then the official port will be much easier to provide).


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