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Subject: Re: [Boost-cmake] Using BCP to create a "Subset" of Boost ... And CMake ... And Windows
From: James C. Sutherland (James.Sutherland_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-12-10 16:11:45

On Dec 10, 2009, at 12:02 PM, Michael Jackson wrote:

> So I hacked on bcp a bit to add in the detection of CMake files so when doing something like:
> [mjackson] $ bcp boost/program_options.hpp boost/smart_ptr.hpp boost/pointer_cast.hpp boost/algorithm/string.hpp boost/thread.hpp tools/build/cmake /tmp/Boost-1.41.0
> All the necessary CMake files will be copied into the new Subset directory. I tested this on OS X and it shockingly worked quite well. Also a bit of a shock was the shear number of files that needed to be copied from boost just for shared_ptr.hpp
> I then took that Subset directory and copied it over to a Windows 7 x64 with VS 2008 standard installed. Launched CMake, configured the build. Then I attempted to "generate" and this is where the first problem appeared. During generation on Windows (through the MSVC Command prompt/32 bit) CMake is now looking for $BOOST_ROOT/build/CMakeLists.txt file which it did NOT do on OS X. I am using the same set of options on each platform.
> Comments anyone? Anyone want to see the bcp sources?
> <reasoning>Boost is just a HUGE dependence for just a few things that I need (shared_ptr and threads). There are memory leak bugs that are not getting fixed, bjam just sucks to use, and the shear size of boost is just insane for my project (and others needing my project). So a small subset of Boost is really all that is required. I can embed this into my project and the size of my project will not get too out of hand. . Thanks for listening and any comments.</reasoning>

I think that is great. Any idea if the boost powers that be will allow you to commit that? If not, perhaps it could be distributed with the CMake boost?

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