Re: [Boost-docs] stl mini-review

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] stl mini-review
From: Andrew Sutton (asutton_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-07-28 12:14:12

> Templates are new to qbk 1.4, they are are to macros in Quickbook what
> inline functions are to macros in C++. They are integrated in the
> language, not part of a preprocessor.
> Rene is working to pass all qbks constructs to templates, so Quickbook
> will be a template evaluation engine and use extern template
> definition writing different backends (docbook, html, LaTex, man
> pages) is very nice with this approach.
> We plan to use Rene templates html backend as part of the Quickbook
> Trac WikiProcessor IBD subproject:
>> Since we're setting uniformity / best practices, is there a
>> benefit to
>> using one over the other? Should we recommend one or leave it up to
>> the author's preference?
> We should heavily used templates :)

I just thought they seemed a little more flexible than macros, but
this is a much better answer :)

Stejpan, nice to have you aboard. At this rate, it will only take 8
months or so before we have an alpha version of the stds docs. Just
in time for Boost 9.3 ;)

Andrew Sutton

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