[Boost-docs] pdf generation broken on trunk

Subject: [Boost-docs] pdf generation broken on trunk
From: Roland Schwarz (roland.schwarz_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-05 11:27:12

I tried to build some pdf documentation from trunk.


cd BOOST_ROOT/tools/build/v2/doc

bjam pdf

results in:
[ERROR:] 1

The same does works on RC_1_34_0 without (fatal) error.

I have tracked down the bug to the boostbook xsl stylesheets.
If one replaces the fo.xsl from trunk with fo.xsl from RC_1_34_0
pdf generation works as expected.

Since the error is reported by fop I tried to run with -d switch:
It bombs out somewhere in the hyphenation code with an out of bound
array access.

fop version used is 0.20.5. (btw. are there any plans to upgrade to the
current stable?)

I suspect the error has to do with the syntax coloring part.

Roland aka speedsnail

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