Re: [Boost-docs] pdf generation broken on trunk

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] pdf generation broken on trunk
From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-05 15:51:20

Roland Schwarz wrote:
> Paul A Bristow wrote:
>> John Maddock concluded this as well and has used for the Math
>> Toolkit docs - 350 pages and counting ;-) and recommended RenderX
>> to generate the pdf.
> Well another solution is (yes I was succesfull in debugging):
> Upgrade to fop 0.93 (which the apache people coin production quality).

Yep, FOP-0.93 is much better than 0.2, but sadly still nowhere near as
reliable as XEP.

> Use the parameters:
> fop.extension=0
> fop1.extension=1
> And voila, Boost.Book is able to produce nice syntax colored pdfs.

Good, here's what I have in my Jamfile:

        # PDF Options:
        # TOC Generation: this is needed for FOP-0.9 and later:
        # <xsl:param>fop1.extensions=1
        # This one should be set if you're building with XEP only:
        # TOC generation: this is needed for FOP 0.2, but must be set to
zero for FOP-0.9!
        # No indent on body text:
        # Margin size:
        # Margin size:
        # Yes, we want graphics for admonishments:
        # Set this one for PDF generation *only*:
        # default pnd graphics are awful in PDF form,
        # better use SVG's instead:

HTH, John.

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