[Boost-docs] boostbook produces invalid docbook markup

Subject: [Boost-docs] boostbook produces invalid docbook markup
From: Francesco Montorsi (f18m_cpp217828_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-19 11:38:31

Hi all,

I'd really like to test BoostBook doc format, but unfortunately I've
found it does not produce valid docbook markup.

Is this a known problem?
Or something on my side?

I've put my tentatives at:


The generation log is:


my http://mathdev.sourceforge.net/wxDocTests/boostbook-test/variant.xml
is a collage of variant's and thread's boostbooks taken from Boost
release 1.34.1

It successfully validates against BoostBook DTD but then does not
produce valid markup!

Thanks for any hint!

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