Re: [Boost-docs] [boostbook] Boostbook error when generating documentation for a member typedef with a description

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] [boostbook] Boostbook error when generating documentation for a member typedef with a description
From: Rene Rivera (grafikrobot_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-10-06 03:09:12

Frank Mori Hess wrote:
> On Thursday 04 October 2007 20:15 pm, Rene Rivera wrote:
>> Yes please... A note for the IBD team... Doing a bunch of changes to
>> BoostBook on the side is fine as it lets people see what changes
>> look/behave like collectively. But we really need small individual
>> patches against the trunk so we can incrementally evaluate and apply them.
> Is that the plan? I don't mind submitting the changes I've made to boost_docs
> as patches to the trunk, although I got the impression from Matias he was
> expecting something more like a mini-review would happen eventually, and then
> all the boostbook changes in boost_docs would get merged. I wouldn't want to
> bother with creating a bunch of small patches if that is going to happen.

I was expecting the style changes to get a review, although in the past
we've been really slow at incorporating style changes. We've gone on the
theory of taking it slow as to not shock the library authors. But I was
thinking of patches for bug fixes and structural changes (like making
the XHTML output be compliant) as things we could put in immediately.

> Also, has any clear maintainer for boostbook emerged? What happens when I
> post a patch and no one has anything to say about it? Can I declare "Qui
> tacet consentit" after a week or so and commit it to the trunk anyways?

As long as you say ahead of time there's a time out on your patch, it's
fine to commit it. As for a maintainer, no one has emerged as a lead
maintainer. So most likely if you commit enough patches you'll be it by
default. That's been the general take on tool development for Boost in
the past, not just for BoostBook :-)

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