Re: [Boost-docs] function.xml vs boostbook.dtd

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] function.xml vs boostbook.dtd
From: Adder (adder.thief_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-07-22 22:13:13

>> After un-commenting lines 27-36 of boostbook.dtd, xsltproc
>> successfully processes files that contain xi:include !

DJ> You can build the documentation now?

With those modifications to boostbook.dtd, I've got over the errors
I've mentioned. Indeed, I can build documentation for "function" and
other libraries that use <xi:include href="..." />.

If there are no problems with these modifications on other platforms,
I would humbly suggest they are committed.

Unfortunately, I am now stuck at a later point. As I didn't get any
pictures or links to other libs when building from
"trunk/libs/function/doc", I have moved to "trunk/doc" and run "bjam"
from that folder.

After 10 minutes of work, I got several repetitions of these error
messages ("cerr output"):

    runtime error: file file://...trunk/tools/boostbook/xsl/doxygen/doxygen2boostbook.xsl line 226 element element
    Variable 'actual-class-key' has not been declared.
    xmlXPathCompiledEval: evaluation failed
    runtime error: file file://...trunk/tools/boostbook/xsl/doxygen/doxygen2boostbook.xsl line 226 element element
    xsl:element: The attribute 'name' is missing.

The "cout output" was:

    xslt-xsltproc E:\Users\Adder\Projects\Libs\Boost\boost_SVN\trunk\bin.v2\libs\date_time\xmldoc\borland-5.5.1\debug\date_time_autodoc-xml.boostbook

        set XML_CATALOG_FILES=E:\Users\Adder\Projects\Libs\Boost\boost_SVN\trunk\bin.v2/boostbook_catalog.xml
     "xsltproc" --stringparam boost.doxygen.reftitle "Date Time Reference" --xinclude -o "E:\Users\Adder\Projects\Libs\Boost\boost_SVN\trunk\bin.v2\libs\date_time\xmldoc\borland-5.5.1\debug\date_time_autodoc-xml.boostbook" "E:\Users\Adder\Projects\Libs\Boost\boost_SVN\trunk\tools\boostbook\xsl\doxygen\doxygen2boostbook.xsl" "E:\Users\Adder\Projects\Libs\Boost\boost_SVN\trunk\bin.v2\libs\date_time\xmldoc\borland-5.5.1\debug\date_time_autodoc-xml.doxygen"

    common.copy ..\libs\date_time\xmldoc\date_time_autodoc.xml

        copy "E:\Users\Adder\Projects\Libs\Boost\boost_SVN\trunk\bin.v2\libs\date_time\xmldoc\borland-5.5.1\debug\date_time_autodoc-xml.boostbook" "..\libs\date_time\xmldoc\date_time_autodoc.xml"

    The system cannot find the file specified.
    ...failed common.copy ..\libs\date_time\xmldoc\date_time_autodoc.xml...
    ...failed updating 1 target...
    ...updated 1 target...

DJ> From the comment, it looks like Douglas Gregor didn't find the time to
DJ> work it out. I don't know if anyone here really understand DTDs. Maybe
DJ> we should look into the more recent schema languages, which are meant
DJ> to be simpler.

I have also heard that they ("XML Schema Definition") are more
expressive (than "DTD"), but I'm just a noob. For example, I have
tried to add "xmlns:xi CDATA #IMPLIED" to the list of allowed
attributes for <library>, but I still got the same "error" (more like
a warning)...

DJ> You could probably suppress the error with the '--novalid' flag.
DJ> Actually, I wonder if you've previously configured an XML tool to be
DJ> 'strict'? Maybe an environment variable or something like that?

Nothing of that kind.

>> I have unpacked the two xsltproc versions in separate folders; none of
>> them is in the PATH. I have xsltproc.bat in the path, redirecting to
>> the xsltproc.exe of my choice, which loads the .dll's from its own
>> folder.

DJ> You shouldn't need to do that - if you set xsltproc's location in your
DJ> user-config.jam it doesn't need to be in the path.

That was really just so that I can easily summon xsltproc for other
tasks, without adding its folder to the PATH.

IMHO, the instructions should be updated so that new users can get
started more easily.

Thank you again,

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