[Boost-docs] Generating HTML files from BoostBook XML files

Subject: [Boost-docs] Generating HTML files from BoostBook XML files
From: Boris (boriss_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-09-15 08:20:00

I went through the hassle of setting up the toolchain for BoostBook
manually and managed to get it to work (on Cygwin). Now I can run bjam in
boost/libs/foo/doc which processes my BoostBook documents and creates HTML
files in the subdirectory html.

As index.html refers to ./boostbook.css I understand that all HTML files
need to be copied to boost/doc/html (at least I found boostbook.css
there)? Is this something which is done by bjam automatically? If it is I
guess I need to run bjam not in my doc directory but in BOOST_ROOT (and
pass some arguments for bjam to understand only to build the documentation
in boost/libs/foo/doc)?

I assume that if I run bjam from BOOST_ROOT I won't get any warnings
anymore either that referenced libraries are not found (like "warning:
Cannot find library 'Asio'" as I've used <libraryname
alt="Asio">Boost.Asio</libraryname> somewhere)?

In my BoostBook documents I also refer to a PNG file (with <imagedata
fileref="design.png"/>). While the img tag is generated in the HTML file
the PNG file is not copied to the subdirectory html. Is there any support
in bjam for referenced files like images or they need to be copied


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