[Boost-docs] question about using Doxygen

Subject: [Boost-docs] question about using Doxygen
From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-06-20 23:19:34


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Documenting the Reference section following the C++ standard style
Doxygen provides a certain number of tags that allows to generate a clean
documentation, but it would be great if all the Boost libraries document its
Reference section following the C++ standard style.

which I would certainly like to do. Looking at the Doxygen documentation
it's not immediatly obvious whether or not Doxygen is useful for this task.
It seems we have a few alternatives:

a) use HTML directly - simple but tedious
b) use BoostBook - complex but tedious
c) quickbook - simple - but ... frustratnig? or not? - I'm just a little
wary of a tool which does "too much"

Is DOxygen useful for generating reference documenation for template meta
programming libraries? Or is it something that "can be made to work" which
is a whole different thing than "just works". Any one care to share their
advice on the simplest way to get generate documentation for a library?

Robert Ramey

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