Re: [Boost-docs] [quickbook][phoenix] Can't build Phoenix as a PDF.

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] [quickbook][phoenix] Can't build Phoenix as a PDF.
From: Daniel James (dnljms_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-06-23 18:07:04

On 23 June 2011 16:37, John Maddock <boost.regex_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>>> Another thing that came up when testing the latest auto-index code:
>>> there's
>>> what appears to be a bug in the stylesheets that causes messages of the
>>> kind:
>>> Request for title of element with no title: link
>>> Request for title of element with no title: link
>>> If I link to a bridgehead which contains a <link> (or any other XML
>>> element
>>> for that matter).
>> This error was the reason I didn't used a separate anchor for the
>> quickbook id rather than just putting the id on the bridgehead itself.
>> It also sometimes causes docbook to create odd 'title' attributes on
>> html links.
> Ah :(

I just checked the syntax you suggested into the quickbook-dev branch.
It generates odd html, but it doesn't have this bug as it only looks
at the empty phrase when generating the title.

> Yes it's AutoIndex: it links to the nearest enclosing block with an ID.  I
> could exclude bridgeheads completely I guess - so that the link went to the
> enclosing section instead - but I don't *think* I could easily get to the
> Quickbook generated anchor before the bridgehead (the docs might not come
> from Quickbook after all).

Unless you've got dom access it requires some nasty state tracking as
you parse. I do that in quickbook to match anchors to sections.

> Another alternative would be to insert link
> targets all over the place whenever an index term is found - but that's a
> big change that may bring all kinds of other interesting problems!

That's be pretty horrible. Maybe I could change quickbook to generate
something to help you - say, a custom xml element, or a formatted
comment. Maybe something like:

<anchor id="xyz"><bridgehead id="xyz-header">...</bridgehead>
<autoindex:useid value="xyz"/>

> PS Have you ever had any success in reporting Docbook XSL bugs and getting them fixed?

I don't think I have reported a bug. I probably should have reported
that, but I think I was more concerned with getting things working in
the short term.

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