[Boost-docs] documentation bug

Subject: [Boost-docs] documentation bug
From: Jason Scherer (jason.scherer_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-08-05 18:47:48


I'd like to report a documentation bug.

Here's my issue: this document:

The getting started guide, goes into detail about how to use an executable called "b2" to build boost libraries.

This document:

Goes into great detail about a fully-featured build system called "Boost.Build" which is driven from an executable called bjam.

The problem is that nowhere does it state that b2 and bjam are the same thing. I only found this out by doing a diff on the command line and finding out that the executables are the same.

So as a reader of this documentation, and novice user of boost, what happens is that I get sent down a path where I'm using something called "b2" and I want to find out how to pass extra options to it, and then I get sent off to an article about using a tool called bjam, and it seems like I'm on the wrong track when I'm actually on the right track. Then I post something to Stack Overflow and everybody who is a seasoned Boost user thinks I'm an idiot who doesn't read documentation. The trouble is, I did read the documentation, but A wasn't connected to B, so nothing made sense.

IMO this is a documentation bug. It's reasonable to assume that if there are two differently-named executables in a directory, they probably do something different. Can't we add a sentence somewhere to the getting started guide that explains that b2 and bjam are the same thing, that they are both part of a system called Boost.Build, explains a little bit about how Boost.Build actually works, or something that helps ease the reader into understanding what is going on?

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