[Boost-docs] How to start Quickbook lists items with a new paragraphs

Subject: [Boost-docs] How to start Quickbook lists items with a new paragraphs
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-11-01 15:51:55

I am getting a warning

multiprecision.qbk:425: warning: line breaks generate invalid boostbook (will only note first

from attempts to a get items in a list to have a bold line, then start a new paragraph.

# [*Precision - Compile-time Versus versus Run-time.][br]
After consultation on the Boost list,
it was decided that the best compromise was to fix precision compile-time,
rather than allow the choice to be made at run-time.[br]
A major factor was the sheer difficulty of achieving a run-time solution,
but also the risk of performance penalty, longer compile times,
risk of errors from complexity, greater difficulty of testing.

to display

1 *First list item heading in bold.*
First para of first list item,

A second paragraph in this numbered list.

2 *Second list item in bold with a newline at the end*
This is a para about the second list.

This is 2nd paragraph of second list item


Is there anything I should I be doing to achieve this layout?

(which seems to produce the right output).

It seems odd not to permit a new paragraph?



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