Re: [Boost-docs] Sample TR2 library proposal using Quickbook

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] Sample TR2 library proposal using Quickbook
From: Daniel James (dnljms_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-12-07 19:11:24

On 6 December 2011 14:28, Beman Dawes <bdawes_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> The problem is getting rid of automatically generated stuff. Most of
> it turned out to be navbar stuff that I was able to suppress via the
> Jamfile.

The boost header is caused by an xsl:param in the Jamroot file which
tells boostbook that it's generated boost documentation (this is the
boost repository after all). If you had done this separately (such as
in the sandbox example) you wouldn't get it. Another way to avoid it
is to add a Jamroot so that the directory is considered to be its own

I've tried creating a build feature to make this easier to handle in
the quickbook-dev branch, but I'm not sure about it, so I'm going to
ask on the build list for some feedback:

> What I haven't been able to suppress are these three lines of html:
> <table cellpadding="2" width="100%"><tr><td valign="top"></td></tr></table>
> <hr>
> ...
> <div class="titlepage"><hr></div>
> Is there currently a way to get rid of the empty table and the two
> <hr> elements?

I've made a change on trunk to that the table and first <hr> aren't
included if there isn't a heading image or navigation. You'll still
get it because you use an image. I think the second <hr> is added by
docbook, I haven't looked into how to customize that, but I think it
can be.

> A document type that says, in effect, "Please generate no content
> unless I explicitly ask for it" would have saved me hours of effort.

That would be the wrong place to deal with it. This is a presentation
matter so Quickbook should be unaware of it.

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