Re: [Boost-docs] Sample TR2 library proposal using Quickbook

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] Sample TR2 library proposal using Quickbook
From: Rene Rivera (grafikrobot_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-01-06 06:14:01

On 12/5/2011 8:23 AM, Beman Dawes wrote:
> Rene Rivera<grafikrobot<at>> writes:
>> On 11/30/2011 10:09 AM, Beman Dawes wrote:
>>> Rene, what did you do to cause the stylesheet to be inlined?
>> Oh, I don't think I did for the version generated from quickbook. I made
>> a separate version for the one sent to the committee. It should be
>> possible.. Although it might take some XSLT to do it.
> Thinking a bit more about using Quickbook to generate non-Boost documents, there
> are really two separate issues:
> * Using inline styles.

More on this as I've gotten around to messing some more with the tree

I have made a change to the BoostBook XSLT code that lets me style with
the CSS to get the look&feel of the standard documents. I have this
working for the tree proposal, which I'll check in once I test that all
the styles works correctly. And tweak some superfluous stuff, like the
admonition graphics, into not appearing.

I found a way that lets one inject any CSS directly into the produced
HTML. But I haven't figured out what the correct incantation of the path
to the CSS to inject is. All the various paths to the CSS file I've
tried have only produced an error :-( But I'll figure it out eventually.

When I get the above working I will have a completely standalone and
correctly looking document. But there are some things that I'd like to
ideally figure out how to adjust/fix. Top most on my list:

1. Controlling the section numbers so that in the proposed section text
I can specify the real STD chapter numbers.

2. Controlling the generation of TOCs to not show up at certain times.


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