[Boost-docs] Including html from a quickbook document

Subject: [Boost-docs] Including html from a quickbook document
From: Michael Shepanski (mps_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-05-14 04:33:14

A very newbie question this. I apologize in advance.

I need to publish some documentation for a C++ library. I'm using
quickbook, with emphasis on the "quick": I'm hoping it will let me do
all I need without having to learn the whole set of tools that it relies
upon. So far that has been working out okay.

Now the obstacle: I need to include some html (a paypal button) in one
of the documentation pages.

Is there a way to include an html file using quickbook markup? Or am I
better off scripting something so it gets inserted during the build process?

--- Michael

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