Re: [Boost-docs] Requiring Boost Offline Library Documentation

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] Requiring Boost Offline Library Documentation
From: Lars Viklund (zao_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-06-27 21:55:45

Hello, please don't top-post.

On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 10:45:49PM +0200, Shouwei Li wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 26, 2014 at 9:58 PM, Richard <legalize+jeeves_at_[hidden]>
> wrote:
> > [Please do not mail me a copy of your followup]
> >
> > Shouwei Li <casmyu_at_[hidden]> spake the secret code
> > <CA+9DSC4XHU8yM5CHUiuz5H6Qkkz__qgrbM1z5-oofnDd_uKYSQ_at_[hidden]>
> > thusly:
> >
> > There is a generated zip containing PDFs of the BoostBook subset here:
> > <>

> I am sorry to disturb you again! As your said, the generated zip is only a
> SUBSET of the BoostBook. In fact, I want to have a COMPLETE PDF BoostBook,
> especially the "graph" and "graph parallel" parts.

"BoostBook" has a specific meaning here, being the additional
functionality that Boost has added on top of documentation in the
QuickBook format. It has nothing to do with tomes of knowledge.

Documentation in Boost exists in many formats from hand-written HTML to
BoostBook to other exotic formats.

The ones in the BoostBook format has the benefit of the uniform
generation lets us to provide things like monolithic PDF files, HTML
trees, etc.

If you want everything to be in the same documentation format, have fun
convincing authors of the merits and effort of rewriting their
documentation in your "preferred" style.

Lars Viklund | zao_at_[hidden]

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