[Boost-docs] Mistake in HTML-gen of small_vector_base

Subject: [Boost-docs] Mistake in HTML-gen of small_vector_base
From: Soul Studios (matt_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-01-10 02:59:51

"This class consists of common code from all small_vector<T, N> types
that don't depend on the "N" template parameter. This class is
non-copyable and non-destructible, so this class tipically used as
reference argument to functions that read or write small vectors. Since
small_vector<T, N> derives from small_vector_base<T>, the conversion to
small_vector_base is implicit <preformatted></preformatted>

<preformatted>//Clients can pass any small_vector<Foo, N>. void
read_any_small_vector_of_foo(const small_vector_base<Foo>

<preformatted>void modify_any_small_vector_of_foo(small_vector_base<Foo>

<preformatted>void some_function() {</preformatted>

<preformatted> small_vector<Foo, 8> myvector;</preformatted>

<preformatted> read_any_small_vector_of_foo(myvector); // Reads

<preformatted> modify_any_small_vector_of_foo(myvector); // Modifies

<preformatted>} </preformatted>"

Looks like the generated 'preformatted' tag and associated code
(<p><span style="color: red">&lt;preformatted&gt;) is meant to be a
series of <code> enclosures.

Also, typically is spelt, with a 'y'...

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