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From: Muzamil Sethar (muzamilsethar_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-03-28 18:27:52

Hello everyone. I am Muzamil Hussain currently in 6th semester at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, doing BS Computer Sciences. I am interested to contribute in boost Generic Image Library because of my interest in image processing. Looking at the list of the algorithms implemented and not implemented, I want to implement two algorithms and add them to the list, K-Means clustering and ORB. I have in-depth knowledge in both of these algorithms and I am proficient in C++ programming. I have implemented many Data Structures and Algorithms from scratch in both C++ and python which can be seen on my GitHub profile (given at the start of the email). I can rate my C++ skills as 8/10 and I am willing to improve these further. I believe, I can add effective and efficient implementation of these algorithms in the boost generic image library using already existing methods of GIL to keep uniformity and scalability of the library. Though, I am very late in this procedure but I will give my best to contribute in Boost and contribute the maximum in it. I am looking for a potential mentor to guide me and tell me that am I on the right track and should I continue writing my proposal to contribute by implementing these algorithms and adding them to GIL. I have taken possible tutorials on YouTube as well as on Boost GitHub page and have learned quite about Boost Gil. I will continue learning till the summer(before start of the internship) and I believe till then I would have gone through the source code of GIL line by line and would have complete understanding of it. I know, it is very late but I trust myself and I will do it and till then I would have expert knowledge about Boost and its image library.

Thank you.

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