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From: Debabrata Mandal (mandaldebabrata123_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-05-13 16:12:05

Thanks Mateusz Loskot and Pranam Lashkari for your views on the histogram
I would also like to add some comments.

1. The idea of simplifying the implementation details to single channeled
views seem sound to me. In this way we could support STL (compatible)
containers for now. And easily provide specializations for other types
(Boost.Histogram) as required. Please correct me if I am wrong.

2. We could support Boost.Histogram for now but that might be enforcing
something on the user side. We could leave the container choice to the user
for histogram of single channeled images for now.

3. I have proposed to add algorithms related to histogram manipulations so
eventually we might need to standardize on some container choice unless we
either decide on removing support for those algorithms or let them take the
choice of histogram container as well.
Some example of such algorithms would be Adaptive Histogram equalization
which , in a rough way speaking, divides the image into tiles to
individually apply histogram equalization on them.

4. There is no usage of multi dimensional histograms in my project apart
from the part of implementing them as part of Boost.GIL .Surely, I could
swap them for some extra algorithms that I had to miss out on adding to the
proposal. That is, I would not need the support of multi dimensional
histograms in any algorithm that I implement.

Please give comment or suggestions as necessary.
Debabrata Mandal.

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