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From: Debabrata Mandal (mandaldebabrata123_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-06-07 13:57:01

> A third approach would be to provide a mix of classes for std containers
> > and overload for external classes which will deal with the problems of
> both
> > the above two points.
> >
> Can you show us a prototype to get a clearer idea?
> Sorry, I got a bit delayed in replying back.
What I meant was a possible mixture of the 2 current approaches i.e. pick
up a simple standard container (like unordered_map) and provide a histogram
container based on it. Also, we provide the function overloads in case we
decided on extending the functionality to classes other than unordered_map.
I am also coming up with the exact interface details in a subsequent mail.
This ensures the usage syntax is kept simple, maintaining only one class as
the official histogram class, easily testing the image processing
algorithms on new container classes without having to rewrite or change the
current interface and providing an easy way to migrate to other classes.
Please let me know of your thoughts on this.

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