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Subject: [Boost-mpi] master vs develop
From: Alain Miniussi (alain.miniussi_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-11-18 05:48:20

Hi all.

I have a question regarding:
I guess that all the commit, specially the pull requests, listed are
those that made their way to develop but not to master.
What is the protocol/usage for having the stuff on the develop branch
merge onto the master branch ?
I guess the stuff on develop is already considered as being validated in
some way, so what is needed for the next step ? does some testing report
need to be produced ? on a specific set of platform ?

Also, does everything that is in master supposed to go automagically in
the next release ?

I am new to the process, and maybe there is already an answer to those
questions and I was just not able t find them. Sorry if that's the case.

Best regards


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