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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-01-21 14:24:41

I do a update -dPA 4 times a day, that was doen a few hours ago, I'll check
the one I JUST got.

This is what's in my new sandbox (with extra '\r' just before newline):

File: T:\Projects\boost\libs\test\example\unit_test_example3.cpp
File: T:\Projects\boost\libs\test\test\class_properties_test.cpp
File: T:\Projects\boost\libs\test\test\errors_handling_test.cpp
File: T:\Projects\boost\libs\test\test\fixed_mapping_test.cpp
File: T:\Projects\boost\libs\test\test\parameterized_test_test.cpp
File: T:\Projects\boost\libs\test\test\result_report_test.cpp
File: T:\Projects\boost\libs\test\test\test_case_template_test.cpp
File: T:\Projects\boost\libs\test\test\test_fp_comparisons.cpp
File: T:\Projects\boost\libs\test\test\test_tools_test.cpp

At Friday 2005-01-21 11:31, you wrote:
>I think it's fixed already. Did you tried CVS HEAD?
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