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From: Aleksey Gurtovoy (agurtovoy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-04-08 22:10:34

Martin Wille writes:
> Hello,
> I was talking with someone on IRC who, maybe, would be able to run
> regression tests on Solaris/x86. At that point we found out we're
> unable to tell whether this is already being tested, because Caleb's
> results only show "SunOS 5" in the title (Later I found out Caleb uses
> Sparc).
> While "SunOS 5" is correct, it also isn't very informative, since the
> real information is in the minor number which has been used as the
> Solaris version number since SunOS 5.7/Solaris 7.
> However, my question is whether we should require the results for some
> platforms to indicate the CPU architecture. At least for SunOS and
> Linux it would make sense in the long run. It'll also make sense for
> *BSD if we had any testers for those operating systems.

I agree.

> What do you
> think about this? (One can find out the CPU for SunOS by looking at
> the output of config_info. However, that's a bit cumbersome.)

And doesn't allow you to mark up platform-specific failures.

> I could add "-x86" manually for my Linux results. However, for those
> who use the script it'll probably make more sense if
> that information would be created by the script.

For now, I'd suggest providing it through "--platform" flag to

I've added this on the Boost.Testing page as a TODO item co-scheduled
with Boost.Build v2 transition (when we'll be revising other toolset
names' issues as well).

Aleksey Gurtovoy
MetaCommunications Engineering

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