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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-04-29 10:26:38

Hartmut Kaiser wrote:
> 1. RSI-SoL gcc-3_4_3-linux-i686-release (Rene?)

Yes :-)

> The exit code of the Wave test application is reported to be 'EXIT STATUS:
> 137', which seems to be a result of a sig 9 (128 + 9). It's difficult for me
> to reproduce this. Would it be possible to get a stack backtrace to narrow
> down the point of failure?

It would be possible.. But since it's running a release build it's not
going to be much help as it doesn't have symbols. But I'll see what I
can do; perhaps I can independently run it in profile mode and see if
the error still exists.

> 2. LaruCorp vc-8_0 (Carl?)
> The logs report a missing 'libboost_filesystem-vc80-mt-s-1_32.lib', which
> should be generated by bjam because of the specified dependencies (and which
> _is_ generated for other toolsets). I honestly don't understand, why this
> library may be missing... Any clues?

Ah.. Which logs? For which test?

Oh never mind.. Just noticed you are talking only about the wave tests :-)

> 3. Dirxion cw-9_3-darwin and gcc-3_3-darwin (Stephen?)
> Both toolsets report missing (though different) external symbols which is
> behind my understanding as well, since all of the symbols reported as
> missing should be available through linked system or boost libraries. Any
> ideas?

I've been looking into the cw-9_3-darwin in the past few days. Many of
the missing symbols are of the ctype<> variety. But I've been unable to
figure out why they are missing. When I build the tests from the IDE it
has no problems finding the symbols. But when using the command line
tools it doesn't work :-( I was down to doing diffs of preprocessed code
to see what I could decipher.

And of course scratch the above, now that I noticed that you are talking
about the wave tests only. I'll try and see if it's a similar problem as
the ctype problems.

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