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From: Stephen W. Carson (StephenC_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-20 10:44:11

Beman Dawes wrote:

> As far as the Dirxion Metrowerks Boost.Filesystem failure goes, I figured
> out that the problem was with the MSL C library. The folks at Metrowerks
> have now confirmed the problem and say it will be fixed in CW 10. In the
> meantime, I've just committed a workaround that should clear the problem.

    Alright, finally got a test run to complete this week.

    The good news on gcc-3_3-darwin:
utility went green!

    The good news on cw-9_5-darwin:
dynamic_bitset went green!
numeric/ublas went green!

    The bad news on gcc-3_3-darwin:
crc went yellow (from green) :-(.
graph went yellow (from green) :-(.
random went yellow (from green) :-(.
utility went yellow (from green) :-(.

    The bad news on cw-9_5-darwin:
filesystem is still yellow. But the error is different:

begin copy_file test...
copying complete
copy_file test complete
filesystem_error::error() reports 1, should be 11
 native_error() is 1
operations_test.cpp(448): test throws_fs_error( bind( fs::remove, dir ), fs::not_empty_error ) failed in function: 'test_main(int, char **)'
minimal.hpp(122): exception "std::exception: boost::filesystem::remove: "/Users/stephencarson/Development/boost/boost/status/temp_fs_test_directory/shortlife_dir": Operation not permitted" caught in function: 'main(int, char **)'

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