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From: Hartmut Kaiser (hartmut.kaiser_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-28 03:48:11

Hi all,

does anybody of the CW tester have some time to look at this issue: (all CW's toolsets show a similar error)?
Essentially the problem boils down to:

    #define INIT_DATA_SIZE 176

    template <typename T>
    struct A
        typedef T base_type;

        struct data {
            typename base_t::callback_type tokencb;
            // other members here
        static data const init_data[INIT_DATA_SIZE];

    template <typename T>
    typename A<T>::data const A<T>::init_data[INIT_DATA_SIZE] =
    // initialisation elements go here....

The compilers claim:

# Error: ^
# identifier 'A::init_data' redeclared
# was declared as: 'const A::lexer_data[176]'
# now declared as: 'const A::lexer_data[176]'

I've added the concrete count of initialisation elements later on, the same
error occurs when the arrays are declared and defined as 'init_data[]'
instead of 'init_data[INIT_DATA_SIZE]'.

Any ideas?

Regards Hartmut

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