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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-28 19:58:45

Beman Dawes wrote:
> "Rene Rivera" <grafik.list_at_[hidden]> wrote in message
>>There have been no updates for the tests run by Stefan Slapeta for a week
>>now. Is there a problem? It would be nice to see the CW-9 on Windows
>>results updated.
> I'm going to try to run Win32 tests for CodeWarrior 9.4, GCC 3.3.3 (cygwin
> special), Intel 8.1, and Microsoft 7.1 until 1.33 gets released. The first
> run was yesterday, and the results have been posted as "Beman".

Oh, good :-)

> I haven't
> looked into why the versions of the compilers aren't being reported,

For CW, you need to specify the toolset as "cw-9_4". For gcc/cygwin
you'll need to create a toolset named "gcc-3_3_3-cygwin-tools.jam" that
just "extend gcc ;", like the cw-x-tool.jam files.

> or why
> the platform is reported as "Microsoft Windows" instead of "Windows".

This is because of the version of Python used. Python is not consistent
between versions on what it reports the platform to be.

> It didn't run this morning because bjam/execnt.c failed to compile, but that
> has been fixed and the tests are running now. The fly in the ointment is
> that the full tests took nine or ten hours to run, so I could only really
> run it at night. We will see how long incremental takes.

Incremental runs tend to be very short in comparison. That is, unless
some fundamental file changes, like one of the config headers for example.

> Maybe I'll drop
> VC++ 7.1, since others are covering that well.

Probably a good idea to drop it.


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