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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-06-28 22:30:38

a) como- 4_3_3- vc7_1 - we get duplicate symbol messages when linking the
tests. It seems some streams are instantiated in both libraries. I've tried
to the linker to permit multiple symbols, But it seems I have been
unsuccessful. I suspect its a toolset/linkerswitch issue - but that's only
a guess. I wonder if someone who has an itererest in and knowledge of this
compiler/linker could take a look at this.

b) cw- 9_5- darwin - all the tests using standard library text streams and
DLL linkage are runtime with no error message.

c)gcc- 3_4_3- linux - dmcgrath2 Most likely this is for the lack of spirit
1.6x installed on the macine along with the environmental variable
SPIRIT_ROOT poiniting to the directory where the older version of spirt is
to be found.

d) gcc- 2.95.3- stlport- 4.6.2- linux. See c) above


Robert Ramey

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