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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-07-12 12:49:35

exactly WHY are we branching? I thought we'd decided that new development
would go on a branch until the release was over

At 05:57 2005-07-12, you wrote:
>Douglas Gregor writes:
> > We're going to have to branch for release some time soon, to isolate
> > the upcoming release from accidental changes and such.
>I'd prefer to branch only when we are ready to prepare the release
>tarballs: there is an overhead for both fixing things on the branch
>and switching testing to the branch, and, furthermore, we need to
>decide whether we want to test on the branch at all or we should rather
>test the tarballs themselves (or both).
> > Can we smoothly move all of the regression testers over to the
> > branch?
> > What would be involved?
>Martin described most of it already, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to
>1) Regression runners need to add "--tag=RC_1_33_0" option to their
> '' command line
>2) The hourly tarball maker needs to be switched to the branch.
>3) The report generation needs to be switched to the branch. The
> correpsonding reports will be available at
>Note that all the above assumes the we will be testing _the release
>branch_. Tarballs would require a slighly different setup.
> >
> > I'm imagining that I can change the default value of "--tar" from
> > CVS-HEAD to RC_1_33_0 in, and after a full cycle of the
> > regression tests everyone using (is that everyone?) will
> > have switched and we'll be testing what we want to test.
>I'd prefer to restrain from modifying '', although I do
>sympathize with the idea of automatic, centralized switching everyone
>to another branch/source without having to ask them to modify their
>scripts/command line. We were thinking of making '' to
>retrieve the current tag (if it's not explicitly provided in the
>command line, that is) from, let's say, Boost SourceForge http area,
>but other suggestions are most welcome.
> > However, I
> > expect that there's something that will need to be done on MetaComm's
> > side so that we can see these results.
>Just 2) and 3) above.
>Aleksey Gurtovoy
>MetaCommunications Engineering
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