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From: Carl Daniel (cpdaniel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-07-14 21:47:17

Rene Rivera wrote:
> Carl Daniel wrote:
>> Aleksey Gurtovoy wrote:
>>> Is somebody else able/willing to pick up regular VC 7.1/8.0
>>> regression testing?
>> I now have access to weekly builds of VC8 (currently testing the
>> 7/11/2005 build!). At the moment, it's not feasible to do boost
>> regression testing on those builds (it's a machine at MSFT), but I
>> could look into getting it set up.
>> I now (once again) have the infrastructure in place locally to do
>> boost regression testing on VC8 beta 2, and/or VC8 June CTP. Unless
>> someone else volunteers, I can try to get my regression testing up
>> and running again on either or both of these builds.
> Is that a "willing to run vc8 tests but not vc71" ?

I'm willing to do both, but I don't have both on any one machine, so I'd be
setting up and administrating fewer regression test rigs if I stick to VC8.

> For those volunteering it would be good to mention what resources you
> have available; CPU, memory, disk space, and machine time. As it
> takes a considerable amount of resources for testing, especially disk
> space. And having the faster machine and large ram will speed up the
> testing.

I have VC7.1 on a P4 3Ghz with 512Mb of RAM and lots of disk space, VC8 beta
2 on a P4 2.8Ghz with 2Gb of RAM and lots of disk space, VC8 June CTP on a
virtual server running on a P4 2.8Ghz with 3Gb of RAM and lots of space, and
if I'm able to test the weekly builds of VC8, that's on a quad-proc Xeon
2.4Ghz with 2Gb of RAM and enough disk space.

> I'm not trying to discourage people from volunteering though :-) Just
> want to make sure we keep up a reasonable testing pace.

When I was testing before, I was never able to get automation set up because
of popup message boxes that stalled the tests (and weren't caught by the
debug monitor program), and because of python.exe simply crashing out
mid-run. Have those issues gotten any better? I'm certainly willing to
test more configurations if I can get an automation set up that works


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