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From: Martin Wille (mw8329_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-08-24 07:42:21

John Maddock wrote:
>>While we're on that ... is there any elegant way how we could suppress
>>linking/running some special test cases. I am still having the linker
>>problems with icc 9. These cause the need for several *manual*
>>interventions on *every* regression run. Affected are all *_lib tests of
>>Boost.Thread and all Boost.Wave tests.
> I believe those are all <runtime-link>static tests? They all fail to link
> on my machine because there are no static runtime libraries available, I'm
> sure something similar is occurring for you, although why they hang rather
> than just fail I don't know. What happens if you add <runtime-link>dynamic
> to your BUILD environment variable? Those tests should all be skipped then.

You're right, all affected tests are <runtime-link>static. However, I
can't tell whether there are any passing <runtime-link>static tests.

Static runtime libraries are available here (libcprts.a libcxa.a
libcxaguard.a libguide.a libguide_stats.a libimf.a libirc.a libirc_s.a
libompstub.a libsvml.a libunwind.a). I don't see any non-static
libraries on the linker command line of, say,
(librt.a and libpthread.a exist).

Is there a way to add <runtime-link>dynamic to my toolset definition
instead of adding it to the commandline or the BUILD environment
variable? (I'm only running tests for one toolset at a time)

All the failing tests also have <threading>multi. Could combining MT
with static libraries cause the problem for icc9? A very simple test
program using pthreads apparently works with -openmp -static (with and
without -g).

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