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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-08-31 12:25:03

>> Now that STLport-5.0 is almost ready for release, could someone volunteer
>> to
>> run some of our tests with it: this feels like something we should be
>> supporting, provided we don't drop testing support for STLport-4.6.x.
> Actually we don't even test with 4.6.2! Meta's two STLPort toolsets
> are still running against 4.5.3. We really need to catch up on this.

Yep, so many tests, so little time :-)

> Personally, I'm interested in VC 7.1 + STLPort 4.6.2/5.0 combinations,
> and looking at the current set of compilers, it seems that we have
> resources for this. At the moment we have four people contributing
> plain VC 7.1 results, so theoretically we just need somebody from that
> group to volunteer to install STLPort and switch to the corresponding
> toolset :). Any takers?

I may have been a bit premature in suggesting this: STLport have changed
their lib naming convention in this release, which means stlport.jam doesn't
produce the right command line for linking any more, someone's promised a
patch I believe, but we're not there yet. If someone is keen to get going
in the mean time, then a custom toolset that just uses the "difference" rule
to strip out the old stlport lib names would work. Also make sure you get
STLport-5.0-RC4 (from, it fixes a
lot of issues compared to RC2 which is what's linked to from the stlport
home page.


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