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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-09-06 07:40:49

> As you can see, the sub-minor (aka patch) version number
> is not included, as explicitly stated in the "getting started"
> page (quote):
> "Boost Version
> This is the short label for the version of the Boost Libraries.
> The major and minor version numbers are taken together separated
> by an underscore. For example version 1.31.0 would be tagged as
> "-1_31". The patch version number is not included because it is
> assumed that patch versions are upward compatible."
> So, my understanding is that it is autolinking that wrongly
> includes the patch number and that BOOST_LIB_VERSION in
> boost/version.hpp should be defined as "1_33" instead of its
> current value "1_33_1".
> Hope this helps,

It does indeed!

boost/version.hpp and BOOST_LIB_VERSION had been incorrectly updated - in
point of fact the notes in the header were correct and mirror the getting
started guide - but as we haven't done a patch release like this before the
SNAFU isn't particularly surprising. Thank heavens for regression testing !

Anyway it's fixed in cvs now,



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