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From: Jim Douglas (jim_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-10-24 04:10:46

I can run the regression tests on QNX6 using and in doing
so have identified a number of minor changes that will need to be
incorporated in order to support this OS.

However, I am still unable to produce the final report (step 6 in using 'compiler_status'. It crashes with a memory fault
after producing part of cs-QNX.html. I have tried to debug this with gdb
but to no avail. Please can I check the following items:

- compiler_status links against the 'filesystem' library but does it
call any of the other utilities during execution? (I have run the test
suite on filesystem and it passes all tests with one modification.)

- What directory should it be run from? (I assume $boost_root/status.)

- What input files does it require? test_log.xml in each of the test
leaf sub-directories, but what else?

- What output files does it produce? I can see cs-QNX.html and
cs-QNX-links.html in $boost_root/status. Are there others?

- When executing, compiler_status outputs the usage information. Is this
normal even when command line parameters are correct?

- Is the --comment option mandatory or optional. What is the purpose of
the html file, and how 'well formed' does it have to be?

Jim Douglas

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