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From: Jim Douglas (jim_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-10-31 13:27:35

David Abrahams wrote:
>>I have attached the patched type_id.cpp file used on the last sucessful
>>run. As you can see I took the coward's route and removed all the
>>existing conditional stuff :-)
> :(
> The problem is that I can't tell exactly what I ought to be changing
> for QNX support. I need to see more "surgical" changes.

OK, it wasn't very pretty - more like 'Texas Chain Saw' than 'ER'. I
shall go and scrub up try to produce something more practical.

>>This hack works for both the Dinkum and
>>GNU libraries. The QNX GNU library does have a cxxabi.h file but in this
>>context it proves to be redundant. (Do you need to include it at all?)
> It depends on whether BOOST_PYTHON_HAVE_GCC_CP_DEMANGLE is getting set
> in type_id.hpp. Which version of GCC are you using?

I think it probably is being set, but where is the test? As for the gcc
version, I have been using 3.3.5, but as we speak I am running further
tests using version 2.95.3 as well, which is also shipped with QNX.
However, the C++ libraries will not change. I am trying to get some
sense out of QNX about this because even though we are using the 2.95.3
& 3.3.5 compilers the library may very well be even more up to date than
either of those.


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