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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-11-04 13:44:47

> What do you mean by "normal"? I have three separate sets of header
> files in my development environment

I mean the directory containing the C++ std lib headers for the gcc version
you're using: normally when you replace the std lib you end up with both old
and new libraries in the search path, but with the replacement getting found
first. Non-standard files like cxxabi.h would then still get found. It
doesn't really matter either way though, QNX does what it does.

>> BTW I notice your configure script run was with gcc-2.95...
> Bear in mind that I didn't *choose* to run it with 2.95.3. I assume
> that because the program made a call to gcc or g++ it *defaulted* to
> 2.95.3. I also have the 3.3.5 compliler which is what I am using for
> the regression tests.

Well it's a standard autoconf configure script, so setting the environment
variables CXX CXXFLAGS LDFLAGS etc control what compiler gets invoked with
which options. Sorry I should have mentioned that before. I guess it just
invoked gcc then.


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