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From: Andrew Mellinger (amelling_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-11-22 10:58:14

On 11/22/05 10:45 AM, "Rene Rivera" wrote:

  Thanks for the quick response!

> :-( Python makes life so much easier in this case.

  Unfortunately I'm not in charge of the QNX environment. I am an
infrastructure developer (not the QNX development) and I develop/maintain
our core libraries on four platforms. (OS X, Windows, Solaris, QNX). I'd
like to add boost to our core libraries.

  I normally build via NFS but I found that you can build bjam on an NFS
share from a Mac when building on Solaris. Hopefully I can get the mounts
to work on QNX.
>> Will this work if
>> I tar up the entire archive and move it to a machine that has python and
>> upload from there?
> Theoretically it should work. And you might not need to copy the entire
> thing over. I think you can get away with just copying the generated
> "bin" directory which has all the test output files (*.output, *.run,
> *.test). Or if you can manage it an NFS mount might be worth it.
> You'll also need to have the --comment file and possibly the --timestamp
> file, on the other machine.

  I've created a primitive comment file, but I can't find a timestamp. One
is not created in on the QNX box for the HEAD revision, nor is one created
in 1_32_0 when I run the regression on my mac. Is there a switch to create
this thing?

  Also, what is the content. Is it simply 'date'?
> They would look like they are coming from an OSX machine. But the script
> supports overriding that with a --platform=Whatever option.

  Cool. I'll investigate that path.

  Thanks for assistance!


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