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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-12-15 13:36:34

> Well it's already one of the TODOs :-)

That's a start :-)

>> So.... what's the easiest way of achieving this? Are the logs still
>> processed to XML by process_jam_log.cpp ?
> Yes. And the wiki mentions that it needs to be hacked for this.
>> If so can we subvert the
>> mechanism used to get "<note>"'s showing up in the output to get
>> warnings to show up as well?
> You mean the [result="note"] that is available in run tests? Some
> immediate thoughts...
> I don't think that would work for non-run tests, as the
> [result="note"] is only available for run tests.
> I also don't see those notes currently showing up in the regression
> result pages. So at least the XSLT processing would need to change.
> And if the result page building needs to change we might as well add a
> [result="warn"] to all the tests.

Good point, I had thought those were showing up, but you're right they

Another problem is that the warnings aren't associated with the final target
that either passes/fails, so we would need some dependency tracing I guess.
And then there's dependent libraries - do we want warnings from these to
show up in every target that uses them? I suspect not but we need them to
show up somewhere :-)

Probably this needs someone familiar with the XST code to decide what form
of XML output is most appropriate.


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