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From: Marshall Clow (marshall_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-12-19 12:41:25

At 11:22 AM -0600 12/19/05, Stephen W. Carson wrote:
>Beman Dawes wrote:
>>Hum... That's the new version of Boost.Filesystem giving you trouble.
>>What compiler and compiler version is involved? What library?
> How do I tell what library?
>>Is there actually no ? If statvfs.h isn't in that location,
>>is it present but in another location? If not, is statvfs() declared in some
>>other header? If so which one?
>I do not see statvfs.h in /usr/include/sys. I do get a man page when
>I do "man statvfs" but it just tells me to "#include
><sys/statvfs.h>" so that isn't much help.
>I did a:
>find / -name "statvfs*" -print
>and did not come up with anything.
> Does anyone else have a Mac system that could tell me where
>their statvfs.h is?

On my Mac (Apple dev tools, all up to date, using gcc 4.0.1), I have a file
which contains declarations for :

        int fstatvfs(int, struct statvfs *);
        int statvfs(const char * __restrict, struct statvfs * __restrict);

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