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From: AlisdairM (alisdair.meredith_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-02-19 09:06:40

Robert Ramey wrote:

> To start the ball roling. The serialization library fails to build
> due to the following compile time error. If someone interested in
> this platform wan't to suggest a change I would like to include it

Sorry, I have been offline for a week.
Which file are we looing at here? I find similar code in several
files, notably

Is there another copy in the serialization library?

In all cases, my workaround in testing is the same:

> #include <boost/config.hpp>
> namespace std{
> #if defined(__LIBCOMO__)
> using ::mbstate_t;
> #elif defined(__QNXNTO__)
> using std::mbstate_t;

//#elif defined(BOOST_DINKUMWARE_STDLIB) // Fix for this line
#elif defined(BOOST_DINKUMWARE_STDLIB) && !defined( __BORLANDC__ )

> using ::mbstate_t; // compiler detects error here !!!
> #elif defined(__SGI_STL_PORT)
> #elif defined(BOOST_NO_STDC_NAMESPACE)
> using ::codecvt;
> using ::mbstate_t;
> #endif
> } // namespace std

There are a few more Borland fixes to apply for the new Dinkumware
library, but I am waiting for mainline to settle down again for BCB6
before putting those patches forwards. This library change is also the
cause of most failures in datetime as well.


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