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From: Vladimir Prus (ghost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-03-15 01:39:16

Andreas Huber wrote:

>> can you switch C++ Boost regression tests that you're running to
>> Boost.Build V2?
> Sure, I tried but failed, see below.
>> If you have any issues or concerns or questions, please ask me right
>> away, either here, or via personal email, or via Jabber
>> (vladimir_prus_at_[hidden]), or via ICQ (100422315), or via Skype
>> (vladimir_prus).
> I tried with the following .bat file:
> <batch>
> d:
> cd D:\BoostRegression\MyDocuments
> set BOOST_BUILD_PATH=D:\BoostRegression\MyDocuments
> rmdir /s /q .\boost\status
> "C:\ProgramFiles\Python23\python"
> --v2 --toolsets=msvc-7.1 --runner=huber-V2
> --bjam-options="-l600" 1>>result.txt 2>&1
> </batch>
> and with the file user-config.jam located in
> "D:\BoostRegression\MyDocuments":
> After a while, I get the following error:
> <error>
> D:\BoostRegression\MyDocuments\boost\tools\regression\build>"D
> --v2 "-sBOOST_BUILD_PATH=D:\BoostRegression\MyDocuments"
> "-sBOOST_ROOT=D:\BoostRegression\MyDocuments\boost" msvc-7.1
> warning: no toolsets are configured.
> warning: you won't be able to build C++ programs.
> warning: please consult the documentation.

This suggests that your user-config.jam is not found at all. Can you try

--v2 "-sBOOST_BUILD_PATH=D:\BoostRegression\MyDocuments"
--debug-configuration -n

This should print the information about loading config files, and we can
figure out what's wrong.

- Volodya

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