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From: Victor A. Wagner Jr. (vawjr_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-03-17 10:37:17

At 01:30 2006-03-17, Vladimir Prus wrote:

>Hi Victor,
>can you switch C++ Boost regression tests that you're running to Boost.Build
>The general instructions can be found at:
>In your specific case, the content of user-config.jam should be:
> using msvc : 7.1 : the-path-to-compiler/cl.exe ;
> using msvc : 8.0 : the-path-to-compiler/cl.exe ;
> using python : <whatever.version> : <whatever.path> ;
>Speaking about python, example line is:
> using python : 2.3 : C:/python ;
>The command line to run the regression tests should be something like:
> --v2 --toolsets=msvc-7.1,msvc-8.0
> - The --v2 option makes use Boost.Build V2
> - The "-V2" suffix in runner id makes it clear that V2 is used in the
> test matrix
>The configurations above can be placed either in file user-config.jam in a
>directory given by the value of HOME environment variable, or can be placed
>in file test-config.jam placed in any directory that's in BOOST_BUILD_PATH,
>for example, in the directory from where you invoke
>If you have any issues or concerns or questions, please ask me right away,
>either here, or via personal email, or via Jabber
>(vladimir_prus_at_[hidden]), or via ICQ (100422315), or via Skype
>Thanks in advance,

I'll give it a go tonight (Friday) when we get home from the fish fry.

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