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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-04-12 11:17:49 - I suspect this easily fixed but just adding
<gcc><cxx...>... to the Jamfile.V2
So that's not a problem.

Other examples don't show up yet because V2 isn't being run for all
compilers yet.
Here is a list of things that are addressed in serialization.jam included by
the V1
jamfiles. Currently this is handled by
libs/serialization/build/serialization.jam which
is included in both the test and library build jamfiles.

For the following toolsets, spirit 1.6 has to be installed
 "borland*" "msvc*" "iw*" "vc-6*" case "vc7*""vc-7_0*" "gcc-2*" :

For the following toolsets wide character i/o is skipped for build and test
"*cygwin" "como*" "mingw*"

For the following toolsets, DLL build and test is skipped
 "como*" "msvc-stlport" "vc-6_5-stlport", "cw*" :

Certain toolsets need or benefit from some extra sauce when
building/testing with the serialization library

"vc*", "msvc*", -Gy // function level linkage

"gcc*", "QCC*", "mingw*" // template depth increased to 255

This has permitted that skiping of tests/library builds which
are none apriori to fail. The usage of regular expressions has
permited the specification to include combinations which may
not yet be explictly in the toolset directory.

Robert Ramey

Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Robert Ramey wrote:
>> The Jamfile (V1) for seriallization build and test include some bjam
>> code in serialization.jam. This code implements the ability to use
>> things like
>> <gcc*> <cxxflags>"-ftemplate-depth-255"
>> V1 didn't implement the "gcc*" type pattern matching. This permitted
>> me make the serialization build more reliable accross the compilers
>> and configurations that's boost supports without enumerating every
>> possible toolset.
>> I notice that I have a new Jamfile (V2) - thank you very much
>> whoever did this as I generally find bjam to be totally mystifying.
>> The test matrix seems to be building with V2 in some cases. However,
>> the rules in serialization.jam aren't being included. This causes
>> test failures in at least some cases. (gcc needs a switch to
>> increase template depth).
> Which tests specifically are affected by this?
> - Volodya

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