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From: Alex Besogonov (cyberax_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-04-23 13:37:55

Good <time-of-day>!

I've developed a code coverage analysis utility as a part of my
"leisure-time" project. I hope it can be useful to Boosters :)

Here is an example output for Boost.Date_Time tz_database test:

You can grab sources of my utility here:

My coverage analysis tool consists of three parts: scanner tool, report

Scanner tool is used to gather coverage info from test run. Currently it
only supports GNU GCOV output, but I'm working on adding Rational
PureCoverage support. Scanner tool saves coverage data in a "coverage
repository" as a graph of serialized objects (Boost.Serialization
library is used). Here is a coverage repository for Boost.Date_time:

Report formatter uses this coverage repository to create a nice HTML
reports with highlighted uncovered lines.

Additionally, all coverage repository utilities are separated into a
nice library. So one can easily create all sorts of reporting utilities
(for example, to run daily coverage analysis and create emails to
authors whose code has too low test coverage :) )

Currently, I'm trying to integrate this with BBv2 and I need some help
on how to hook into BJam.v2 test suits. I need to run something like
scanner-tool.exe --gcov-name i686-mingw32-gcov --source-dir
C:\tools\boost\libs\date_time\test --test-name tz_database --scan-dir
after each test. How can I do this?

With respect,
             Alex Besogonov (cyberax_at_[hidden])

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