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From: Vladimir Prus (ghost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-12-04 13:13:22

David Abrahams wrote:

>> I think yes. Otherwise, how can we tell 'gcc' from 'random-foobar'? While
>> toolset=gcc
>> clearly indicates you expect 'gcc' to be a name of a toolset, random
>> token on the command like can be anything.
> That's a major violation of the principle of least surprise. So, it
> can be anything. So what? That's true even when toolsets are
> explicitly configured.

If you've explicitly configured toolset named 'gcc', then 'gcc' is the name
of one of the configured toolset. We can't assume that random tokens on the
command line are names of toolsets. Omitting "toolset=" is just for
convenience, and to get that convenience you have to declare that 'gcc' is
a name of toolset.

> Unless I'm missing something, we should (perhaps) issue a short
> warning and behave just as we would if the user had written
> toolset=gcc.

And for:

        bjam some_target

we should do what? Assume it's

        bjam toolset=some_target

? Now that would be certainly surprising.

- Volodya


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