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From: Aleksey Gurtovoy (agurtovoy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-12-15 06:27:55

Vladimir Prus writes:
> Aleksey Gurtovoy wrote:
> > Vladimir Prus writes:
> >> I'm pretty sure this is yet another fallout from "--toolset" option and
> >> multiple toolsets.
> >>
> >> May I suggest that the "--toolset" change be reverted, and the
> >> command line be:
> >>
> >> borland-5.6.4 borland-5.8.2 msvc-6.5 msvc-7.0
> >> cw-8.3/runtime-link=static
> >
> > Don't we want this working before we release?
> Why would we? "toolset=" autoconfiguration is a way to help first time
> users.

It's also the way the bjam invocation is documented in the new Getting
Started guide and Boost.Build v2 documentation

> I think saying that if one wants to use more that one toolset he has
> to configure them is acceptable.

Judging from the diagnostics and the fact that other runners don't
have this problem, I don't think that multiple toolsets have anything
to do with it. It's the "cw-8.3/runtime-link=static" piece that is
causing grief here.

> >> If I understand correctly, change to use "toolset=" or "--toolset"
> >> is not a pressing at all -- the only difference is that "toolset="
> >> and "--toolset" performs toolset auto-configuration and:
> >>
> >> 1. Most testers have perfectly working user-config.jam
> >
> > Sort of, I'd say. We (metacomm) still have an outstanding CW issue
> > which we are not sure what to attribute to (toolset config, toolset
> > command line specification, something else?):
> >
> I'm aware of this issue; I plan to look at it this weekend.

Thank you. What I was trying to say, though, that at the moment the
"cw-8.3/runtime-link=static" toolset specification doesn't work,
'--toolset=' option present or not.

> >> 2. Using autoconfiguration for regression tests might be a
> >> bad idea in general.
> >
> > Why?
> Because instead of having a single file that's says that versions
> you have configured and how,

Sorry, I don't see why I should be required to write a file that says

    using msvc : 7.1 ;

instead of simply being able to request the same in the command line.

> autoconfiguration adds yet another variable that depends on your
> environment. That's like using
> using msvc : all ;
> in user-config.jam -- that's handy for end users, but for regression
> test this is not very good -- nobody knows what's stored in your
> registry.

I don't see how saying

    using msvc : 7.1 ;

would make my registry more organized.

Aleksey Gurtovoy
MetaCommunications Engineering

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