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From: David Abrahams (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-12-15 08:44:36

Aleksey Gurtovoy <agurtovoy_at_[hidden]> writes:

> Vladimir Prus writes:
>> Aleksey Gurtovoy wrote:
>> > Vladimir Prus writes:
>> >> I'm pretty sure this is yet another fallout from "--toolset" option and
>> >> multiple toolsets.
>> >>
>> >> May I suggest that the "--toolset" change be reverted, and the
>> >> command line be:
>> >>
>> >> borland-5.6.4 borland-5.8.2 msvc-6.5 msvc-7.0
>> >> cw-8.3/runtime-link=static
>> >
>> > Don't we want this working before we release?
>> Why would we? "toolset=" autoconfiguration is a way to help first time
>> users.
> It's also the way the bjam invocation is documented in the new Getting
> Started guide and Boost.Build v2 documentation
> (

Nothing in the getting started guide says that you can pass
"/-features" along with the toolset when using --toolset=.... Of
course, I'm happy to add that feature.

But when Volodya suggests that the "--toolset" change be reverted, I
think he's referring to the change in the testing script that made it
start using the --toolset= feature, not to removing the feature itself.

>> I think saying that if one wants to use more that one toolset he has
>> to configure them is acceptable.
> Judging from the diagnostics and the fact that other runners don't
> have this problem, I don't think that multiple toolsets have anything
> to do with it. It's the "cw-8.3/runtime-link=static" piece that is
> causing grief here.

That's correct.

>> >> If I understand correctly, change to use "toolset=" or "--toolset"
>> >> is not a pressing at all -- the only difference is that "toolset="
>> >> and "--toolset" performs toolset auto-configuration and:
>> >>
>> >> 1. Most testers have perfectly working user-config.jam
>> >
>> > Sort of, I'd say. We (metacomm) still have an outstanding CW issue
>> > which we are not sure what to attribute to (toolset config, toolset
>> > command line specification, something else?):
>> >
>> I'm aware of this issue; I plan to look at it this weekend.
> Thank you. What I was trying to say, though, that at the moment the
> "cw-8.3/runtime-link=static" toolset specification doesn't work,
> '--toolset=' option present or not.

Oh, that's another problem.

>> >> 2. Using autoconfiguration for regression tests might be a
>> >> bad idea in general.
>> >
>> > Why?
>> Because instead of having a single file that's says that versions
>> you have configured and how,
> Sorry, I don't see why I should be required to write a file that says
> using msvc : 7.1 ;
> instead of simply being able to request the same in the command line.

One danger is that the autoconfiguration will pick up a different
version of the compiler and call it 7.1 (e.g. if all the usual
autoconfiguration methods fail and it falls back to looking for the
tools that are in the PATH), and we'll get strange results in our test
matrix. That danger is somewhat reduced if people have to explicitly
think about specifying configuration.

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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