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From: Thomas Witt (witt_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-01-04 03:48:53


This is the status of the 1.34.0 release as I see it. I'll update it
on a roughly weekly basis. The main purpose of this is to make people
aware of outstanding issues and maybe motivate some volunteers.

Well by now everybody should have noticed that the beta release did
not happen before new years. Lets try the same thing for 2007 then.
That being said we are slowly inching forward. Some of the issues in
the last report have been fixed. For a (probably incomplete) list of
things please look at the end of this message

New Issues

- build

     Possible documentation issue.
gmane.comp.lib.boost.devel/152751. No known fix.

- date_time

     Fails qcc-3.3.5_gpp. No known fix.

     Possible documentation issue.
gmane.comp.lib.boost.devel/152753. No known fix.

- ptr_map

     Thorsten proposed a patch as a follow up of this message http://
     I'd really like to have another set of eyes look at this before
it goes in.

- test So
far I did not get a definitive answer
     on whether this is a problem or not.

- thread
     Roland what is the status on this one?

Existing Issues

Regression Tests

- concept_check

     Regressions for borland 5.8.2 and msvc 6.5. These should all be
marked expected.
     Jeremy is going to take care of this. Jeremy?

- regex

     Fails msvc-6.5 no known fix.

- test

     Fails darwin-4.0.1, cw-9.4 no known fix.

- utility

     Fails gcc-3.4.5_linux_x86_64 no know fix.

As I said we are getting close, but we *really* need people to look
at the outstanding issues.


- v2 transition

     There still seem to exist vestiges of the old build system in
some places. See here:

     This issue is unresolved as of now. We are seeking help and input.


- File name guidelines

     We still have 4 file/directory names issues in the following

       *N* name exceeds 31 characters
       *N* name contains more than one dot character ('.')
       *N* name exceeds 31 characters
       *N* leading character of ".htaccess" is not alphabetic

     I consider these showstoppers for the final release. Could the
     library authors please take care of this, now?

- Broken Links

     We still show 116 broken links. Is the report broken or the docs?

- License Copyright

     We still have large number of license copyright issues. To me
the do we really need a license/copyright for xxx
     discussion is not very productive. My personal attitude is get
over it and fix it. While this is not a showstopper
     fixing them will be well received by our users and now is the
time to do it.

Fixed Issues

- Lots of probably configuration related regressions in some msvc tests.

     Configuration fixed. Thanks Aleksey.

- iostreams

     Fixed for cw-9.4. Thanks Joaquin.

- Getting Started Guide

     This is now ready for release as I understand it. Thanks Dave!

- File name guidelines

     The following were fixed

       *N* name exceeds 31 characters
       *N* name exceeds 31 characters
       *N* name exceeds 31 characters

Please let me know of issues not covered here. I'll add them to the



Thomas Witt

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