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From: David Deakins (ddeakins_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-03-20 15:00:02

Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Victor, can you remove bin.v2/libs/iostream directory so that
> we have a clean run?

Victor, after you've cleared out bin.v2/libs/iostream and before you
start the new test run, can you also locate the libbz2.DEF file in the
bzip2 library sources and comment out the line with the LIBRARY
directive like this:


> David, you mentioned that manual work is required to tweak DEF
> file for bz2, is there no way around that? If so, would you be
> able to post a doc patch, or would rather like somebody else
> do it?

I spent a little while trying to come up with an alternative to having
to modify the libbz2.DEF file but I wasn't successful at doing it. The
other path to fix this issue would be to make sure that the iostreams
jamfile creates the bzip2 DLL with a name of libbz2.DLL (which is the
standard name for it) rather than a name like
boost_bzip2-vc80-mt-gd-1_34.DLL. I could get the first part of the name
to change to libbz2 instead of boost_bzip2, but I wasn't able to figure
out how to turn off the compiler-related decorations at the end. After
reflecting on it further, I wasn't sure if turning off those tags was
the right thing to do (if I actually knew how to do it) since that would
mean all builds of boost_iostreams (potentially with different compilers
and compiler options) would try to link to the same libbz2 file. That
may not be a big deal in this case, but I wasn't sure, so I stuck with
the somewhat ugly option of just changing the bzip2 DEF file. Perhaps
someone with better Boost.Build knowledge and insight into the
iostreams/bzip2 inner workings might be able to make the other path
work. In case we stay with modifying the DEF file, I attached a patch
for the iostreams/doc/installation.html file describing the modification.


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